Salem's Dark Secret

Witch Trials

In the village of Salem, Massachusetts a Mystery has taken over the people and now the town. The town of Salem has experienced supernatural events, including the sudden worshipping and partnership with the Devil. Coming from a Puritan town this has been shocking and has now circulated questions and the pointing of fingers. The "witchcraft" all started all when a few young women fell ill with hallucinations and seizures. Not only has this caused turmoil but it has also spread fear all over the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Fear has started the town of Salem to now accuse other villages and say they are also participating in witchcraft and now Salem's Government and Judicial Systems to become involved. This now brings us to now, mid-August 1692, still awaiting the sentencing of now 19 people and the hanging of 2.
My opinion of the whole "Salem Witch Trials" was that there was a lot of pointing of the fingers. Everyone wanted to blame someone else just to throw law enforcers off and not fully have knowledge of who was really partaking in witchcraft. Honestly, this was very interesting, being part of the trials, interviewing some of the suspects, and most importantly seeing how the wrong was judged or sentenced. Of course witnessing another human being be hung and pressed to death was not the best sight but for the most part this experience made me as a young writer see things in a whole different perspective, especially when it comes to religious beliefs and so forth. It was a scary yet adventurous opportunity.


Salem Chronicles

The judging of my Husband Mr. John Proctor was very lenient and I really appreciate you as the journalist for giving him an opportunity to tell his side of the situation or as others would say "story". Life is anything but a story, but simply a letter to our distant future and our treacherous past. Think of the mistakes we all make in life as a reminder and not a punishment for the present, be thankful for what you do have and even more grateful for what you don't because you're probably better off without them anyway.My husband was just trying to protect the future of I and our child's, for if he was to accuse anyone else his name would be tapered to the doors of the church, hung like a trophy for all to see, all because he falsely accused a good 7 more innocent people who also have families and children. He only did what was best for us. Thank You.


Elizabeth Proctor