Religion project

Sam Purches


Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with almost 2.2 billion adherents, called christians. It is a monotheistic religion, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The holy book of this religion is called the Bible. A widely celebrated holiday from this religion is christmas, a day where christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the 25 of december. Another holiday is Easter, celebrated on the 20 of april. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after he was crucified. The symbol of this religion is the cross. A commonly practiced ritual is baptism. The purpose of this varies among denominations, some say it strengthens any one person's belief, or it simply symbolizes a change in a single person.


Buddhism is based on the teachings of Buddha, meaning the awakened one. Buddha shared his insights to help sentient beings end their suffering. A ritual prtacticed by Buddhists, the adherents to Buddhism, is meditation. Meditation focuses on transforming the mind and using it to explore itself and other phenomena. Vesak is a holiday celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and the death of Buddha. It is usually celebrated in May, except on a leap year, when it is celebrated in June. The symbol of the Buddhist religion is the dharmacakra, meaning the wheel of life. The holy book of Buddhism is The Diamond Sutra.


Judaism is the expression of the covenantal relationship God established with the Children of Israel. It is a monotheistic religion. The holy book of the jewish faith is the Torah. Two holidays celebrated by jews are Hanukkah and Yom Kippur. Hanukkah is the for the remembrance of the eternal flame that burned for days on one days worth of oil. This celebration takes place over 8 days, since the flame burned that long. Every day they light one candle on a Menorah. Yom Kippur, also known as The Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people. It is celebrated with intensive prayer and an approximately 25 hours long fasting. The symbol of Judaism is The Star of David.


Islam is a monotheistic religion that worships Allāh and is based on the teachings of Muhammad. The adherents to the Islamic religion are called muslims.