identity change

by: Jordon yendrey

start simple!

To correctly change your identity you need to start small, simple change your name. it might be insignificant but it has a huge connection to your old self, and if you want to create a new self image you have to let go of all connections to the past. An example of this simple step can be proven in Shakespeare "the twelfth night" when viola thinks she losses her brother in a ship wreck, and assumes a mans identity then changes her name to cecerrio. " I am all the daughters of my fathers house, and all the brothers too" said viola to the duke


Next you will want to find a outfit choice that you like but is totally different then your last self. If you where country in your former self try going for a Cali surfer look. The more of a distinction you choose between your new self and your former self will help the processes along. this step is shown in a rendition of of Shakespeare's play in a new movie called "she's the man". when viola chooses to assume her brothers identity so she can play soccer on a guys soccer team, she completely flips her wardrobe to match her brothers. " I can do this. I am a dude. I am a hunky dude! I'm a bad ass hunky dude " said viola to herself

lose connections

if you want to correctly change your identity you need to make sure the person you are mimicking is no longer present or will not be present for a long time. In the movie shes the man viola makes sure Sebastian is not present and lies to her mom to make sure her plan works. "No. Yes. On the phone. He's at dad's. BYE DAD." and in the play written by Shakespeare "the twelfth nigh". what great ones do the less will prattle of."

steps proven to work by well known writers and actors