Fault in our stars

Readers workshop By: Jordanna

What the book is about

A girl name hazel grace has cancer, she goes to a group and while she's there. She meets this one guy named agustus waters. Agustus has cancer. They decide to get close with each other and then they go to Amsterdam. they get back and something happens to agustus and the cancer spreads through his whole body. He gets out of the hospital and goes on with his life, but his cancer comes back and he dies in the hospital while hazel was sleeping. they have a funeral for agustus and hazel does a speech


Hazel Grace Lancaster is a girl who got cancer and still has it. She's also a main character

Agustus Waters is a boy how had cancer in his leg and also had his leg amputated. Also main character

Hazel Grace's mom and dad, there also main characters


The struggles in life and with cancer- they both had cancer and they had to go through life with making the choices that would help them or hurt them

love through hardship- Agustus and Hazel had a love story through out the whole book and movie. They both loved each other so much

Coping with the death of a loved one- Hazel lost Agustus because of his cancer and he was her loved one. So she had to deal with the fact that he wasnt with her anymore physically