Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Lily Isham


Isabell and Ruth were two young slaves that had a tough life. They were sold over sea to New York, with a rich family the Locktons. Isabel was focused on keeping Ruth safe and not dying. Everything evolved around Ruth if they got separated while doing their chores Isabel would try to watch her. Will Isabel be okay without Ruth? Is Ruth what makes her work harder? Well she found out when one morning the other slave (Becky) told her they sold her late last night. Isabel freaks out and goes after Mrs.Lockton yelling "Did you sell Ruth, Why did you sell Ruth?!?!". Will they ever see each other again? Why did the Locktons sell Ruth? She was just a little girl living her life.

For sure to make your emotions change and leave you with questions


This book will leave you questioning yourself. You will want to jump in the book and help Isabel but you cant cause your chained down.