capitalism .VS. mercantilism

& the Colombian exchange

What is mercantilism?

Mercantilist - Belief in the benefits of profitable trading monopolized market with banned exporting of gold and silver. Mercantilist writers have emphasized the circulation of money and rejection hoarding, The motherland would take gold silver or food and trade it for finished goods mercantilist would keep gold and silver in the country and pay taxes or the army and made the country much richer.

what is a capitalist

Capitalism- is the practice of making product personally to make profit still used today a the term capitalist is used for people who own large business and practice capitalism.

Dominant in Europe from the 16th to the 18th it was the practice of economic theory used to save up to a high economic status.It stayed undeveloped because of religious belief caused money to be frowned upon

capitalism .VS. mercantilism

capitalism is creating your own business and likely out source it to another place thats poor. mercantilism is the practice of being rich and owning a business likely from another country.

columbian exchange

Columbian Exchange- The Columbian Exchange refers to a period of cultural and biological exchanges between the New and Old Worlds. Exchanged of plants, animals, diseases and technology transformed European and Native American ways of life.

The internet

the internet is a data base wich allows people to share ideas it also can be a market place to a place to discuss video games, there are many websites to buy things such as

or ebay

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pros and cons capitalism and mercantilism


individual businesses stays small

brings wealth to country

dosent corrupt


only the rich can start a business

only export goods for material


small business become very large

anyone can start a business

many exist in the new world


corruption is very common

outsourcing is common

cares about money more than anything else

pros and cons Colombian exchange vs the internet


much wider varieties of product \

can buy almost anything

essayer access

less labor and hassle




and products not being real

Colombian exchange

many things were brought back from the voyage

many ideas were taken

and mass discovery


ended in blood

ruined an entire race

made the natives slaves

now what

this topic taught me that any one can start a business with various platforms like a large business or internet shops. we can grow by making large corporations stay in America