Tim Green

''Dedicated fans who delight in the details will appreciate the sleuthing''

~Kirkus Review

''A suspenseful page turner''

~Story Snoops

Can the Titans win Cooperstown? Find out if Josh can lead his team to victory in Rivals!


This story takes place in Syracuse, Cooperstown, New York, and New York City. Also in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and the huge complex where the games are place called The Field of Dreams. This novel is in present day.


Josh LeBlanc has finally led his baseball team to the Hall-Of-Fame Tournament in Cooperstown. The problem is Josh has gotten eye surgery and trying to get back to his old self. Can Josh and the Titans beat famous Mickey Mullen Jr. and the Comets? Or will someone try to cheat their way to victory?

Josh LeBlanc

Josh is a superstar phenom baseball player. He is very confident in the way he plays and his best friends Benji and Jaden him help through difficult times.


Benji is Josh's best friend and is very thick and humorous. He believes he is a very heavy hitter. He also loves to eat!


Jaden is very good friends with Benji and Josh. She does a lot of reporting on her friends team, The Syracuse Titans. Also she interviews a lot people to find out news for baseball! Jaden dreams of meeting and interviewing the superstar Mickey Mullen Jr.

Mickey Mullen Jr.

Mickey is a prodigy baseball player on the L.A. Comets. His dad is a former great professional baseball player. Mickey gets everything he wants and hopes to win the hall of fame tournament.

Tim Green

Tim was born on December 16th, 1963 in New York. He grew up in New york and went to college at Syracuse. Tim played football for Syracuse and was a very talented defensive end. After entering the NFL Draft in 1986, he got drafted 17th. He would spend seven years with the Atlanta Falcons. When he retired from football he became a best selling author. Tim's books are very interesting and are mostly about sports!

About Devin U

I play basketball, baseball, and football. I love sports and I'm a huge sports fan. I have one brother and two cats. I am also a great student!