Panther Updates

News, Resources and Learning for Panther Staff, 6/12/17


News of Note

Congratulations: Congratulations to Mrs. Ramsey and to Mrs. Davidson on their retirement in 2017 from PUE!! We also wish the following faculty best wishes on their future endeavors: Ashley Cox, Whitney Hayes, Alice Nelson, Morgan Wilburn, Lori Guettler, and April Lipscomb. Thank you for what you have done and what you have meant to us all. You will be missed. If you see these fine people, make sure to let them know how much they are loved. Come out and join us for a retirement party for Mrs. Ramsey this Thursday, June 15th at Chow Restaurant on Creedmoor Rd near Krogers.

Thank you: Thank you to everyone that has helped with end of year activities thus far, such as the Graduation and both Field Days. Mr. Stern and others set up a fun time for the students on both field days and everyone enjoyed themselves. In addition, Mr. Ward for setting up what was needed and to teachers and faculty that organized other events. Thank you for what you have done to help as we are a team and we are successful together.

Congratulations to our staff who have celebrated their sons and/or daughters' recent graduations. Cathy Parrish is celebrating her daughters, Allison and Bailey from Wakefield High School. Marilyn LeCuyer's daughter, Lauren is also graduating from Wakefield. Kayla Perry's daughter, Kaylee is graduating from Millbrook High School and her son, Vaughn from the University of South Carolina. Heather Shipley's daughter, Hannah is graduating from Green Hope High School. Job well done!!

Dismissal and Supervision: As the year closes, please be mindful of supervision, particularly on the playgrounds and in the bathrooms. In addition, some bus drivers are substitutes because they are replacing traditional calendar bus drivers. This can cause delays in dismissal and other problems. Please let Ms. Fricke know of any bus concerns. Also, please continue to inform the office staff of changes in dismissal routines as soon as possible so students aren't left behind. Thank you for your help!

Track 2, 3,& 4 Retention Forms

Last call on students to be considered for retention. Please email Mr. Biles and see him by the end of day Monday, June 12 with names of students you are considering. Also alert him if parents have been invited for input at the retention committee meeting. The committee needs to set up exact times for the meetings. We will attempt to arrange this meeting during your planning periods. Remember that if the student has not been reviewed several times by the Intervention Team this year they will not be considered for retention UNLESS there is a special circumstance attached to late enrollment, etc. Students on the consideration list are students that had Consideration of Retention letters sent home in February and that you have shared ongoing concerns with the student's parents in face to face conferences. Then complete this form and attach any supporting documents to Kevin by Thursday, June 15th in preparation for the final Retention Committee Meeting on Wednesday, June 21.

State Health Plan Confirmation:

If you are on the NC State Health Plan you should have received a letter from the NC State Health Plan to confirm if you have dependents on your plan by July 31, 2017 for them to continue on your plan. Please see Kaye if you did not receive your letter.


Duties below are for the Week Track 1 OUT June 12-June 16:

  • AM Hallway- Blocker

  • AM Carpool- (Put out cones to block carpool through-lane at 8:45) DeCain

  • AM Breakfast- Brown

  • AM Bus- (Write down bus arrival times) Lavin

  • Lunch- Fitzgerald, Lavin, Renfrow, Wilburn, DeCain, Brown, Newman, Bednar, Chavis (if on campus)

  • PM Hallway- (corral bus students and supervise) Barber

  • PM Carpool- Hymel, Wilburn, Renfrow, DeCain (Hymel- Call car numbers beginning at 3:40 PM, Renfrow/DeCain in the cafeteria, Wilburn outside with students/safety patrol.) (DeCain- Please get the speaker out of the office conference room to set up in the cafeteria.)

  • PM Bus- Nanni