The Winter Getaway of a Lifetime

Why mope when you can partake in Rhea's annual Winter Games?

Are you interested in having a fun-filled summer this year? Are you eager to try something new and enjoy the time of your life? If so, than you have just introduced yourself to the winter getaway of a lifetime. Family, friends, and fun is our motto on Rhea. The Winter Games is an annual celebration where families and friends partake in competitive games and activities and do the things they can't on Earth. Fun and excitement is guaranteed, and the winner of the Winter Games will receive a special prize package and the chance to return and compete against other families the following year.

790, 100, 000 miles away from Earth, Rhea is a satellite of Saturn. This icy body is the second largest moon of Saturn with a diameter of 949 miles and with temperature as warm as -281* Fahrenheit and as cold as -364* Fahrenheit. With an atmosphere consisting of oxygen and carbon dioxide, visitors and contestants get to enjoy and easier breathing experience with assistance from staff and satellite aids. Although 10 hours 39 minutes a day doesn't seem like enough time for fun, the Winter Games is a three-day long competition that is worth every second. Only occurring once a year, visitors are more than free to visit Rhea for just a simple vacation or getaway anytime during the year. For competition or just relaxation, Rhea can and will always be your home away from home.


Date: July 10-13

Time: 6 A.M.

Location: Rhea Satellite, Saturn

-Due to cold/sometimes harsh temperatures, heavy clothing and necessary supplies are recommended