Housing In Singapore

Past, Present, Future

singapore housing in the past

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Interview responses

Interview questions

Do you think the charges made in Tiong Bahru housing has led the place lose its iconic features?

  • The changes in Tiong Bahru makes the place more greener and hygienic.
How has these changes affected you and the residents?

  • It makes it better for the residents especially the elderly .
Do you think that these changes are helpful are and necessary?If yes,why?If no,why not?

  • Yes.Changes such as the walkways and sheltered areas make it more helpful for the elderly .There is also not much potholes here and there.So,we can walk safer.
What are the things in Tiong Bahru that makes you feel a sense of belonging in Tiong Bahru?

  • Old buildings and atmosphere
How do you think the housing in Tiong Bahru changed over the years ?

  • The housing facilitates changed,more clean water,boarder walkways....etc.

land use survey

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GI Group Survey Research On Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest in Singapore. With narrow streets, it has a streamline Modern and Straits Settlement shop-houses which are about a single story-high. It is also one of the earliest houses developed by HDB (Housing Development Board). Many people could not afford such state of living. Only upperclassmen and the rich got to live in those houses. Because of this, many people lived in Kampung houses and in villages. Before it was built, Tiong Bahru used to be a cemetery.

In this well known area of Singapore, Tiong Bahru has some places and facilities that have been built over the years. Some popular places that can be found in Tiong Bahru are, Tiong Bahru Market, Tiong Bahru Plaza and many more.

The Sengkang Neighbourhood

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Sengkang was derived from a small road called Lorong Sengkang, off LorongBuangkok. Prior to this, the area was also known as "foot of the port" as there was once a fishing port located along Sungei Serangoon. Fishing villages and rubber and pepper plantations flourished in the area in the old days.

Singapore's housing in the future

As Singapore's people population is increasing we need more land for housings ...From our view of point we think that a more merrier neighbourhood with an greater area would be more inclusive ....