Long Way Gone Ch 5-8

By Jack Burgess

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Internal Characterization for Ishmael

Here he is lonely and scared as he walks from village to village trying to get to safety while he avoids the rebels. He is in the woods for almost a month by himself where he is fearfully of other humans. When he loses his friends and group he runs off in tears and he is in hiding. Finally he is also fearful when he sees the group of school kids and joins them because he hasn't been with people in a long time.
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Historical Connection Past and Present

As the rebels invade and burn the village and everything and everyone they see. This is almost like what Sherman did when he burned everything with total war, it is also what Hitler did when he was invading places like Poland and countries boarding Germany. This realities to the present because today groups like ISIS kill and burn everything they can while they capture everything they can.
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Plague- A wild spread of a deadly bacterial disease with a high kill rate.

maiming- The act of destroy a body part that can not heal its self.

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The setting in this part of the book is in the forest as Ismael runs for his life and hides here for days on in. The forest also provides them food and peace from the rebels. Finally in this setting Ismael can finally get rest and lives in thee tree tops and on the floor.
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Self vs. Nature

Ismael al though being safe from the rebels has to learn how to survive out in the wild. He then has to fight against the safe heaven in the struggle to find his friends but also to be hidden. Finally he has to blend in and avoid all the human conflict but the evil forest will still strike.

Man vs Society

In this Ismael has to stay young and pure as best he can even though the war around him is changing all the things around him. Also society tried to kill him with the rebels so he fled to the woods where more things await. But even there he is there he has to be in charge an out of trouble and danger.