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April 26th - 29th

Principal's Message

Dear Parent(s),

LSF or Learning for a Sustainable Future annually puts on Youth Climate Action Forums all over Canada with the goal of encouraging students. These forums give them the tools and knowledge to recognize the impacts their actions have on our climate and environment, giving encouragement to take action and act sustainably. The final goal of this forum is for students to develop and act on a project that helps address climate and/or sustainability issues in their communities.

As indicated last week, we are proud to provide information regarding our grade 9 student-led fundraiser for sustainability and environment project. The Apple-Dumpling Gang (picture below) with support from Mr. Black/Mrs. Maskell developed a proposal to fundraise for apple trees for the Niton Central School property. Niton Bottle Depot has graciously agreed to house a change jar for the Niton community to donate to the project. Please help support this wonderful initiative by making a small donation.

D. Lorne

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Learning In Action

Niton Central After School Phys. Ed. Extension


"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" - A Clint Eastwood movie and the name of the Niton Central Jr. High's very own Dodgeball game. Students from the same cohort LOVE to spend lunch hours and during their Phys. Ed. extension playing their game.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Engineers of the Future

The grade 3/4, students have been working on building various devices that move as well as understanding the best materials to use. Students took their knowledge of simple machines to help them create items like cranes, catapults, wind driven cars, and ferries. What amazing creations!
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GNS - Good News Story

Summer School - Grade 9's

Get a step up for high school! Below is information regarding Summer School for our grade 9's. CALM 20 is being offered at Parkland Composite and is a great opportunity for our students to complete a graduation requirement before they even step in the doors.

T.L.C. Virtual Learning News

Counsellor's Corner

Fake News

In light of the explosion of news around things such as lockdowns, COVID-19 outbreaks in communities, social justice movements, etc. anxiety has been running high. One of the issues that have been on the rise in the problems connected to fake news on social media platforms. This is problematic because it hits close to home. After all, we and our kids are always plugged in, whether on social media, tv, or simply in conversation with peers. On average a person spends up to 144 mins per day on social media. In a poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs for Canada's Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) on 25,229 Canadian internet users, it was found that 90% of them believe that they were persuaded by fake news on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and the TV. This suggests that we know that there is fake news but the questions are why is it so easy for us and our kids to fall into believing it and how can we ensure we can identify it?

The reason this is so detrimental is that it can affect our mental wellbeing. If we are consistently exposed to things that cause stress then our stress hormones increase for long periods. When this happens, it can have negative impacts on our physical health as well. According to Harvard heighten stress can result in high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease.

We can learn to identify whether something is true or not by approaching information without bias. When we see things on social media that have intriguing titles we should question them. One technique can be searching for data that challenge titles or social media posts to see what can be found. This practice can help us to broaden the knowledge that we already have or see evidence from a different perspective. Ensure that when you are using sources like Google to check multiple links and not only ones that fit your narrative. Some other tools include talking to professionals that have a background/education in the topic because they have firsthand hard evidence that is not based on opinion, removing or limiting social media or media exposure, and doing consistent self-checks by asking yourself if your information collected is based on opinion or fact.


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