St John of God Hospital

Helping all catholics in need


St John of God Hospital was established in 1897. It is a world class facility that provides a range of clinical specialists. We hope that during your stay with us, you are made as comfortable as possible. We provide the best care we can and your health is our priority. We aslo make sure that you get the best treatment you need.

Catholic Values

St John of God Hospital Subiaco aims to continue the healing mission of Jesus Christ

through healthcare services that promote life to the full by enhancing

the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual measurement of being human.

We live and proclaim the healing touch of God’s love where we invite people to

discover the richness and fullness of their lives, give them a reason to hope, and a

greater sense of their own dignity. We help all catholics in need.

We provide the Best Comport and Care

We care for you

St john of God Hospital really care for you we try our best to provide you with what you need. Its a very safe environment. We really care for what you have to say and your rights. They have there own gift shop, give advice on diet, nutrition and help with directions and visiting hours. In there service they are committed to caring for you in a way that is compassionate. we believe we do this by offering some of the best available clinical pastoral and support services.