Catching Fire Movie Release

Can you survive?

"Catching Fire" Movie Release Activities at MHHS During SMART Lunch...

In honor of the 2nd movie in the Hunger Games trilogy release, the MHHS James C. Byrd Media Center will become an arena - from which only one tribute can emerge as victor. You will be tested on your knowledge of both Hunger Games trivia and basic skills needed to survive the games. Can you survive?

There will be games each day during SMART Lunch (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). All participants will receive a token. The tribute to emerge with the most points will be crowned the victor and win the ultimate prize. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Tuesday SMART Lunch

Archery Contest

Ultimate Winner: Mr. Brian Hill

Wednesday SMART Lunch

Trivia Contest

Ultimate Winner: Leia Elkins

**Please note: the Scavenger Hunt has been postponed to a later date!

Scavenger Hunt

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