Giant Green Sea Anenome

Sarah Muller Period 1

The Worlds Largest Anemone

The giant green sea anemone is the largest anemone and can grow to a diameter of 10 inches at times! This organism can be found along the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Panama. One could find this organism attached to rocks, the sea floor, or coral in tide pools. But don't be fooled, these organisms can slide to move around at very slow speeds. These little guys reproduce both sexually and asexually as well.

Daily Changes

When the tide is out anemones relax and "droop" until disturbed or until the tide returns. This is a result of desiccation due to the loss of water, when this happens the tentacles will curl inward for protection until the tide returns. Another daily struggle for the sea anemone is the harsh wave action and tides. Due to extreme exposure of the sun when the tide is gone the sea anemone could face harsh temperature changes.

Deeper Knowledge