Learning in Liberty's School Libraries, Spring 2014

Winter WONDERland in the LMC!

Over the past few months, Kindergarten and First Grade students have been working on a special project with other classrooms from around the school district. Each class selected an image of something related to winter and shared it with another class in a different school. Those students created a long list of questions they wondered about the image. It was the job of each class to find answers to all of the questions using books, videos, and online resources. Students worked hard to find answers and create books to share the information with partner classes. Throughout the process, students learned about polar bears, avalanches, blizzards, snow, and igloos and practiced asking/answering questions and solving problems. Students had so much fun wondering, researching, and sharing in the LMC!

Author Antony John Shares His Journey to Writing

Author Antony John spoke to students from DMS, SVMS, LMS and HMS on April 9th. The author of Elemental, a nominee on the Truman Award List for 2014-2015, shared his journey to become a writer and gave tips to the students on creating their own writing. Originally from England, he now resides in St. Louis and is working on more books in the Elemental series. Some students participated in a writer's workshop with Mr. John after the presentation where they began writing works of their own.

March Madness at Liberty High

Students and staff at Liberty High played their own version of March Madness with students' favorite books competing to be the winner. From the original field of 32 books, titles were eliminated or advanced based on popular votes of students and staff, with faithful supporters rallying around their favorite book or series.

The Elite Eight round saw The Hunger Games, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Divergent, The Mortal Instruments, The Lord of the Rings and The Fault in Our Stars vying for Final Four positions.

Ultimately, voting came down to an epic battle between two book series, each featuring a strong female protagonist and set in a futuristic North American dystopian society filled with physical, as well as mental conflict, all contributing to an intense, gritty plot. In the end, Team Katniss prevailed over Team Tris, as The Hunger Games pulled ahead to win over Divergent.

Those with the most accurate brackets received their choice of books as a prize. The faculty winner was Deanna Neldon. Two students, Kendyl Beatty and Meg Whipple, tied.

Roland Smith Featured at Mark Twain Celebration

Elementary students participating in the Mark Twain Award Book celebration enjoyed seeing Author Roland Smith in the Heritage Middle School auditorium on March 14. Known for the books Peak, Chupacabra, Cryptid Hunters, Elephant Run and many more, Mr. Smith signed books and shared his experiences as a writer.

Liberty Public Schools Library Media Program

Liberty’s school libraries prepare students for the future by teaching them to be consumers as well as creators of content who can adapt to an ever-changing world. As certified teachers, the library media specialist in each school guides students to collaborate, problem-solve, evaluate, create and reflect. The library media center provides students with access to thousands of print and digital resources, including fiction and nonfiction books and ebooks, online databases, magazines, newspapers, videos, and audiobooks. Visit the library media section of the district's website to find out more about your school library. Also, click here to see last quarter's newsletter in case you missed it!