We Connect - August 23, 2020

The First 8


Overall, the first 8 days have been nothing short of exemplary in regards to work ethic and attitude. The first 8 days have also reaffirmed how important it is that we are together, connected. I have had several students, teachers, staff, and parents make comments to me just about being happy we are back in school. Seeing kids together learning, socializing, and competing is a much-needed sight during this time in our history.

I also recognize the fact we have a lot of work to do as well. Technology has been an issue, but the issues have been identified and our technology department is hard at work to make things better. A few new students are still getting set-up on the virtual option. Now that we are past our first 8 days, there are no more schedule changes for the 1st semester and we should really be starting to fly on our instruction.

It was a great sight to see our student-athletes competing this week again as well. Just the fact that we were on the course, on the field, and in the gym was a victory. Our athletic department is facing a huge challenge and working hard to ensure we continue to have an athletic season. Please understand that we are all going through this for the first time trying to navigate the guidelines, protocols, and expectations. We are not going to be perfect, but we are going to "fail forward" and continue to get better.

We have great kids and so many caring professionals that it truly makes MCHS a great place to be right now. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to our teachers, staff, and administration if there is anything we can help you with. Cheers on a great first 8, and here is to the next 172 days of the school year.

Have a great week!


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Referrals By Grade Level:

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10th - 2

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Total = 9

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(08) Disruptive Behaviour = 1

(44) Truancy = 3

(18) Fighting = 1

(54) Defiance = 4

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