The Panic Brodcast!

Monday April 4, 2016

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The Panic Summary.

The Panic broadcast was an outstanding and hilarious event that happened in the 1930's.
Everybody believed that The Martians were coming to invade earth from Mars after a radio station, played a little joke on everyone.
In the 30's the nation was going through "The Great Depression" and they believed almost everything they heard.
When " The Panic Broadcast" broke out everyone, went crazy, and believed that the world was going to end.
" A woman who had some leftover chicken in her icebox said to her nephew,
"We may as well eat this chicken-we won't be here in the morning." Her remark was
an attempt to make life go on as usual. "
"A man who enjoyed spreading news said, " lt was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. I ran all through my apartment building telling everybody the
Martians were here."
It was a crazy funny experience that some people still remember or maybe even have a newspaper from when it happened.
"Many historians claim that newspaper accounts of the hysteria caused by the broadcast were exaggerated. But almost 7O years later, people like Mabel Dey hold
on to the proof they have of the effect of the broadcast."
We can all tell that that was a crazy time but it was also a very funny one.
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