William Penn

by chandler kopystecki


Did you know a man named William Penn created PENNSYLVANIA. Then he got on his boat and traveled down the Delaware river to get to PENNSYLVANIA. Penn faced lots of
difficulties when he firs found his land. Penn already had approximately one hundred colonist when he was in charge his time went on more people joined him. William Penn was a important man to PENNSYLVANIA.

Founding of Pennsylvainia

If you want to learn more about William Penn founding of PENNSYLVANIA. Penn's Father owed king Charles the 2 80,000$. So Penn asked Charles the2 to repay the dept to the wilderness land Charles the 2 on March 4,1681 so Penn was granted a chart and also gave Penn land west of the Delaware river and between New York and Maryland. He sailed up the Delaware river and for the first time he seen his colonies. Penn drew settlers to his land including Quakers with promises of religious of liberty and cheap land. Several thousand people came from England, Germany and also nether lands.When Penn was governor he came up with this thing called frame of government. For the colony and also King Charles the 2.PENNSYLVANIA says thanks to William Penn for it's founding.

Letter to Natives

When Penn sent a letter to the Natives.He said my friends there is only one great god. That he made the world and ll things they are in.Penn was already generous with the land grants.He also opened his land to every one there would be no church. Every peer soil could worship. According to individual co science, Although only Christians could hold a office. Also Maryland and entrusting his POWER to the PENNSYLVANIA council department on August 12. So William Penn offered religious freedom for all.

What he Did When he Was in Charge

William Penn the leader. Most of the colonist were William Penn friends. After the BRIEFLY had to stop in Delaware and also wanted to proceed the Philadelphia.They had to lay out instructions to get to to Penn's town. William Penn only staid in PENNSYLVANIA for two years. He put in good LAWS to protect every body that came.when it hit 1684 there was about THOUSANDS of people were residing in the colonies.So Penn had to sail back to England to settle a boundary dispute between two states PENNSYLVANIA and Mary land. those are facts about when William Penn was in charge


As you can see William Penn a accomplished many things.It wasn't easy to find PENNSYLVANIA it took William Penn along time to get PENNSYLVANIA William Penn created PENNSYLVANIA.William Penn made PENNSYLVANIA. of a free place to worship.William Penn the leader also accomplished many things for PENNSYLVANIA.


POWER-the ability or right thing to control people or things.
PENNSYLVANIA-or relating to PENNSYLVANIA or it's people.
LAW-the system or set of rules made by the governor of town state or country.
BRIEFLY-in only a few words
THOUSAND-the number 1,000an amount that is more than 2,000 every large number.


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