Hooper Red 3

Daily Reflection

S.A. Free Reflection

my next step is to really work on good hand writing so people can read it and i also need to learn how to be responsible and something good would be me being honest in math time.

S.B. Free Reflection

i need to walk and not run the good part is that we got a letter and i loved the .Nachos at lunch i like nacho day at school the best part was i .Got play football and we laughed a lot today at since and we talked a lot.At since it was a fun day today and we played hokey today

A.A. Free Reflection

today I ate pizza and it was so yummy.And I got a papercut. At recces me and my friends were playing a game called kidnap the goodguys.


today was good.As always I learned something new! I studyed more on point of view by whaching a cilp of toy story3 we also had a game on kahoot with natsha at first we were 2nd place but then we came down at 8th place because I went too fast and clicked the bad thing which is why I learned not to go too fast


the thang that made me happy was art becuase i got a super spur. but im not bragging about it. and the thang that i need to work on is nothing. beacuse i did allmost evry thang right but i just cant remeber


today i got my report card!!!!!We also did some assements in math called the universal scanner.The best part of my day was when we got to do reflex at rotaion time.I think some of my next steps sould be to not be distrubtful when the teacher is not here.Also i think i should not talk that much.That was my day it was awesome and by the time i am writing we are getting ready for flashdown i hope are class wins Bye!


Today we started making our rube Goldberg machiens our group is going to make a pie in the face machiene we are using a rock to roll the rock down to a container we will use a pulley to lift our rock we will drop our rock on our lever and the pie will be on the other end and we will launch the pie by droping the rock we are going to build them tommorw hope it works. Bye! P.S:Our test person is Sreekar

our real person is Abhinav


today was a great day because i got a new book from the library. at reccess i got to play with annagrace. at lunch, i ate cheese stuffed bread sticks and milk.and at the end of the day,i got to write in miss. hoopers mc. like,right now.