Forensic Biologist

By:Madison Greenwood

What is It?

A forensic biologist (A.K.A criminologist) is someone who studies dead bodies at a crime scene and searches for evidence,such as:hair ,blood, saliva,and fingerprints and also figures out what took place in full effect.

Requirements to be in this field:

  • 30 quarter hours of chemistry

  • 5 semesters or 8 quarter hours of physics

  • One year full time experience in an analytical, research, or crime laboratory

Where would you work:

In any sort of crime lab.
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Out look:

A forensic scientist holds a position in law, they are the people that go in and put the pieces of the crime scene together, and figure out what happened, how it happened, and sometimes even who did it.

Requirements to advance in this field:

  • Spend 4-8 months working with scientist that are higher than you to get their help

  • Be in your position for a year

  • Make one big advancement in your field

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Approximate salary:

  • (2920-3819 per month) for people starting out

  • (3377-4429 pm) for people in the fourth highest field

  • (4322-5668 pm) 3rd highest field

  • (4545-5958 pm) 2nd highest

  • (4888-6416 pm) highest


  • Medical examinations of living and nonliving things

  • Serving as a witness in the court of law

  • Carrying all tests using scientific techniques

  • Ensuring everything in your station is up to code

  • Putting in all the data you find into a computer programer

  • Making written reports

  • Putting all the evidence together

  • Working people in the same field as you but they have different jobs


  • good pay
  • an amazing job opportunity/opportunities
  • you get multiple skills


  • challenging working condition
  • hazardous work space
  • have to work with dead bodies


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