computer hardware

nathan barnett


A hardrive or HDD is an older style of storage technology called a hard disc drive which has a spinning disc in side with an arm digitally writing saved information like movies pictures and documents onto the platter. This older form of technology is larger heavier and less durable and breaks easier due to the moving parts on the inside which bend or snap in an accident like dropping it.

But know there is a new hardrive called an SSD or a solid state drive it is called this as there are no moving parts hence the name SOLID STATE drive. This knew technology essentialy does the same thing except it is faster to access your files, it is smaller, lighter and more durable as there are no moving parts which means it would survive a fall. Most of the Apple products like Mac book air and knew ipad are so amazingly thin and light as they contain a SSD which allows them to be that thin and light. But the only down side of this knew form of hardrive is that it cannot contain as much information as an HDD.

Optical Drive

Optical Drives

An optical drive is a device found in many households, in home computers,laptops, TV's, Ps3's and Xboxes etc. It reads and writes optical discs, or blu ray CD's and DvD's depending on their hardware. They can play anything that comes on the optical disc, like a movie. But a TV's optical drive can only play movies and cannot write DVD's.


The monitor is the screen of all of our electronics like a computer. It is the screen and the hardware inside the monitor puts the image onto the screen.