The Leader In Me-Test Run

2015-2016 Klager LIM Review

What does Leader in Me mean to L. C. Klager Elementary?

The idea of a common language and a desire for kind and caring leaders brought our staff to the Leader In Me program. Everywhere we looked we found Character Education Programs or Anti-Bullying series of procedures. We knew we needed something to support our student's academics and social emotional skills. Two years ago Jennifer Mayes brought a book study to our building. We shared and discussed the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. We then studied the Leader in Me. Steven Covey spent many years sharing his philosophy of an effective life and his son Sean Covey brought this to the schools. A majority of the staff shared the insights and felt this was a path that we could take together. A path that promoted the ability of every child to be a leader in their own life and in our school.

So with some great training, an amazing staff and students who deserved the best, we began our journey.

Leader In Me Training

In mid-August, the staff of Klager Elementary ventured to the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) building to meet with Terry Taylor. Terry is a trainer for the Franklin Covey Leader In Me organization. We experienced three days of Steven Coveys 7 Habits training. The first days were focused on the participants. We were asked to work on the habits and apply them to our lives and teaching situation. We also spent time learning how to share the habits in our classrooms and school. The staff was a mix of building staff and faculty. Each day we shared lunch together and talked about what we were learning.

The training was very focused and the pace was strict, to allow for reflection and sharing. We were introduced to the online component of Leader in Me. Each day we focused on a new handbook filled with pictures and resources. I believe they understand that teachers need to see who it works and then tweak things for their situation. This training gave me opportunities to think outside of my current safety net. This is the first initiative that I have been a part of that had such comprehensive training.

We meet with Mr. Taylor almost three weeks later as the Light House Team to discuss our role and make a few outlines of how we might proceed.

Leadership Day/ Community Leadership Day

Sean Covey shares the following in his newsletter:

"The purpose of a Leadership Event is not foremost for the visitors; it is for the kids. So, what is the purpose of a Leadership Day or Leadership Events in general? To answer that question, let’s return to A.B. Combs Elementary, where The Leader in Me originated. If you’d ask A.B. Combs Principal Muriel Summers, she’d tell you that this began as a developmental opportunity for her students to practice their leadership skills through speaking, singing, talking to visitors, guiding tours, setting up equipment, and exhibiting their talents. It also served as a way of building the school’s culture by bringing everyone together."

You will notice the purpose of a Leadership Event is not foremost for the visitors; it is for the kids.

The 7 Habits Tree

The 7 habits are broken down to three sections. The first three habits start with you, the second three habits are about playing well with others, and the final habit reminds you to take care of yourself.

Habit 1 "Be Proactive" You're in charge

Habit 2 "Begin with the end in mind" Have a plan

Habit 3 "Put first things first" Work first, then play

Habit 4 "Think Win-Win" Everyone can win

Habit 5 "Seek first to understand, then to be understood" Listen before you talk

Habit 6 "Synergize" Together is better

Habit 7 "Sharpen the saw" Balance feels best

Leadership Roles

Luther C. Klager students are growing as leaders of our school. We have open interviewed and hired several leaders that perform daily duties for the school. One of our first positions was to support and lead the morning announcements. The most rewarding leaders thus far have been the peer tutors who work with some of our kindergarten students. They accepted the opportunity, were trained, and diligently show up every day to share in the success of their kindergarten peers.


Peer tutors

Morning line up supporters

Student Announcers

school photographers

event docents

event speakers

Leadership Workshops

For the 2015-16 school year, we have hosted meetings by grade level focusing on the exposure to the 7 habits. This is a continuation for the Respect Circles that Mrs. Mayes initiated at Klager. We meet for thirty minutes and use a variety of videos, discussion, and simulations. The first seven weeks of school we met weekly and then moved to a bi-monthly gathering. These lessons are for the students and staff. Our goal is to have all students and staff sharing the same language and materials.

Next year week will have direct classroom lessons daily and weekly meetings either by grade level or as a school. The direct lessons will be a combination of principal lead and teacher/student creations.

Lighthouse Committee

Luther C. Klager is appreciative to the members of our Lighthouse Team. This group of staff members have had an additional day of training and meet bi weekly. The team identified the school needs and helps to set our calendar. Next year they will lead our group through DATA notebooks and leaderizing many of our current events.

The Lighthouse committee sends a member with the principal to the Community Coaching days n neighboring districts. The coaching days are a great way to share with other schools in the startup stages of Leader in Me.

Cost and Repayment

The Franklin Covey company has a very refined program with a three-day training and follow-up professional development. Luther C. Klager has committed to the entire program, and with that, we have committed to repaying $30,000. our the $80,000 investment. Mrs. Jennifer Mayes worked closely with the team at to secure a grant for our funding. The Chereng Family, owners of Panda House, Panda Express, --- have become the primary donors for our 2015-2016 grant. Our repayment is broken into five years at $6,000. per year. Our first payment was generously sponsored by a grant from the Manchester Wellness Coalition. As a school, we are all working together to create the funds for the subsequent payments. We work with Box Tops for Education to collect and send in the coupons. Each little Box Top brings us $0.10. We tend to collect between $3,000-$5,000 each year. We are also hosting Movie Nights once a month, and using a Great American magazine sale to add to our funds. We feel that we can meet the yearly goals and have some funds to invest in our Leadership Day and environmental needs.