How are you doing?

Good Afternoon Team,

I am checking in with everyone to see if anyone needs help with anything? There has been a lot of changes lately, so I want to make sure everyone is aware of these changes.

We have a new Back Office and it's really nice!! If you have not logged into it yet, please do so and take a look around. You will need to go to and scroll down to the bottom and click on Designer login. Then enter your Designer ID and password. To enter a Jewelry Bar, click Jewelry Bars, then click on Open/New Jewelry Bars, then enter your Hostess information.

To make a wholesale order, click on orders, then New Designer Order, there you can order product at the discount price. Have you ordered any of the new Bracelets & Chains yet? If not, you might consider purchasing a few for your customers to see! They for sure will want to see the Bracelets!

Last, but not least, I want to remind everyone about the Incentive Contest we are having this month. I am giving prizes to the Top 5 Designers in my 1st Level that have the highest Personal Volume for the month of November! There are currently 3 Designers on the board! We are half way through the month, so there is plenty of time to get your Personal Volume up.

As always, if you need help with anything, I am here to help you. I want you to succeed in your business. If you succeed, I succeed. So let's help each other!

Here's to a great Month,

Brenda Adkins


Team Leader-Independent Designer-Origami Owl