Ashkenazim and Sepharim

wedding differences


The Ashkenazi Jews have a tradition of having a Shabbat before the wedding where the groom is called up to the Torah and the Sephardic on the other hand have a Shabbat after the wedding.
Its an Ashkenazi tradition to have a wedding ceremony with the groom and his parents, Rabbi and friends singing as they cover the brides face with a veil. The Ashkenazi Jews traditionally wear the veil until the end of the Chuppah ceremony. Surprisingly the Sephardic bride comes up to the Chuppah already wearing a veil and then the groom unveils the bride.

The Ashkenazi custom is to get married under the stars while in its not s Sephardic customs to get married outdoor or indoors just preferably in the day time.


I find it very interesting that the Ashkenazi brides walk around the groom seven times underneath the Chuppah. The bride walks around the groom seven times to symbolise the seven days of creation while the Sephardic brides do not do this.


This minhag helps the jewish community survive in the diaspora because it is a way I of practicing traditions and keeping the culture alive.

This minhag does not show how the community adapted to its new environment because the traditions were not based on the new surroundings in the diaspora they could be practiced anywhere and weren't influenced by a new place.