LV Technology

websites and apps

Typing Web

  1. Fun way to learn typing
  2. Very helpful
  3. Lots of awards and trophies
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  1. Used for creating life videos
  2. Fun to make videos with your friends
  3. Cool way to show off a presentation
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Career Locker

  1. You can look up your future dream job
  2. Gives you suggestions to your future job
  3. Can look up collages that support your jobs
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Haiku Deck

  1. Can put pictures in your backgrounds
  2. Informal way to make a presentation
  3. Make bulletins to your facts
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Explain Everything

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Hour Of Code

  1. Learn how to program games
  2. Make people go through mazes
  3. Play fun games
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Email Etiquette

  1. Email people
  2. Send your emails to the teacher
  3. Check new emails
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