Sneak Peek

2T Edison School *May 9th, 2016* Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

Third Marking Period WEB Project: Poetry!

The project is due this Friday, May 13th! Please be sure that your Second Grader has a copy of their poem, and a few facts prepared about the poet.

Doc Rock

On May 12th, Doc Rock, a true geologist and former Edison student (from 50 years ago) will be presenting his collection of exotic rocks, minerals and fossils from all over the world. Doc Rock will do specimen identification on the spot, so bring in your rock samples! Our Pen Pals from Stoy School will come to Edison to enjoy this Program and have lunch with us.

Friday the 13th is a Half Day!

Please pack a snack and water for your child.

Thank you!

Thank you for making me feel so special and appreciated last week! I loved all of my surprise treats and gifts! I am one lucky teacher to have such a fabulous class!


This week we will find out how one act of kindness leads to another in the folktale Half-Chicken. We’ll also learn about acts of kindness in the traditional tale The Lion and the Mouse. Both selections will be a springboard for discussing the question “How can one event in a story cause another to happen?”

Target Vocabulary: tumbling, flung, tangled, empty, peacefully, stream, blazed, swift

Phonics Skills: Prefixes: re-, un-, over-, pre-, mis, and silent consonants

Spelling Words: unhappy, retell, untangle, unkind, repaint, unlike, remake, unpack, refill, reread, unlock, replay, rewrite, without, learning, *readjust*

Vocabulary Strategy: Antonyms

Comprehension Skills: Cause and effect- tell how one event makes another event happen.

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize: picture what is happening while you read.

Writing: Non Fiction Report Continues!

Students will finish their Insect Reports this week. They will make a Table of Contents, add illustrations, diagrams and maps to their written work. Then they will complete an All About the Author section for the last page. We will publish and share our reports with other classes!

Social Studies

This week we will begin our unit on Past and Present in Social Studies. We will begin by learning information and describe seasonal changes and their effects. Through discussion, we will compare family life today and in the past. Students will identify early uses of calendars and clocks and learn the order of events by using ancient times and modern times. Next, we will learn to name sources of information; people, places and artifacts and obtain information about a topic using a variety of sources.


Chapter 11 Money:

Introduce Chapter concepts

Identify and count coins and bills.

Compare amounts of money.

Solve rreal world problems with money.

Chapter 11 Money Lesson 1 Day 1:

Recognize 1,5,10 and 20 dollar bills.

Show and count money using coins and bills to 20.

Write money amounts using $ and cents sign.

Write dollars as cents and cents as dollars.

Bills have different values.

Exchange bills.

Combine Bills to show a given amount.

Exchange a dollar for coins.

Make different coin combos for other coins.

Chapter 11 Money Lesson 1 Day 2:

Count coins.

Explore ways to show different amounts of money.

Write amount of money in different ways cents and dollars.

Exchange cents for dollars and exchange dollars for cents.

Chapter 11 Lesson 1 Money Day 3

Recognize 1,5,10 and 20 dollar bills.

Show and count money using coins and bills to 20.

Write money amounts using $ and cents sign.

Write dollars as cents and cents as dollars.

Count Amounts of Money: Maze

Independent Practice

Chapter 11 Money Lesson 2

Compare amounts of money using tables.

Use dollars and cents tables to compare amounts of money.

Mark Your Calendars:

May 10th- PTA Meeting

May 12th- Doc Rock and Pen Pal Picnic

May 13th- WEB Project due

May 13th- 12:30 Dismissal

May 26th- Arts Night

May 27th- Alex's Lemonade Stand

May 30th- No School

June 3rd- Camp Creek Run Trip

June 10th- End of Year Class Celebration

June 15th-17th 12:30 Dismissal Days

June 15th- Game Day

Last Day is June 17th!


• Please have your child put their name and number on all assignments.

*Please label all of your child's belongings!

*It is warm in our classroom, please help your child to dress appropriately and to bring a water bottle each day!