By: Samantha Carswell-Tellis


The hendo hoverboard uses electromagnetic forces to float and propel. It is the world's first hoverboard. The hoverboard will first be made available on October 21, 2015 because that was the day Back to the Future 2 took place. The hoverboard is completely frictionless because you are literally hovering above the ground. On the bottom of the hoverboard, there are 4 powerful engines that enable the board to levitate. In order to be able to use the hover board, you must be on a non-ferromagnetic conductor. We even hope to have our very own hoverpark for everyone with hoverboards. The hoverboard will be good for middle schoolers because we get bored a lot and having a hoverboard will eliminate boredom. Link to videos: https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/projects/1415522/video-456349-h264_high.mp4 and www.youtube.com/watch?v=plwX5NtF530
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Our company needs backers, so we will reward those who support us. If you donate $10 we will send you a magnet and a sticker! If you donate $25, we will send you the above and a tee shirt. If you donate $59 dollars, you will receive the above and your name sketched into the hoverpark. If you donate $10,000 you will receive your very own hoverboard, stickers, magnets, a tee shirt, a hoverboard lesson from our skilled instructors, and a sheet of metal big enough to cover your whole garage floor so that you can ride your hoverboard whenever you want.