Giant Pandas

The Mysteries of them

Pandas life

Giant pandas live in one area of china. They live in a small group of 2-6. Their diet is really simple. They eat 15 kinds of bamboo. They eat 20-40 lbs. of bamboo shoots a day. Giant pandas are playful too, however they are rarely seen jogging. They are kind of active but pandas mostly eat and sleep. Sometimes pandas play hide and seek in the snow. They also play that game with predators. Pandas have an extended wrist bone to grab and pull out bamboo shoots. Sadly 1,000 pandas exist in the wild!


Pandas love to eat. They eat most of the day. In order to get bamboo, they have an extended wrist bone to strip bamboo shoots.

First- the panda has to dig it out of the ground.

Second- they have brake it up in smaller pieces.

Third-pandas have 42 sharp teeth so he could brake bamboo easy.

Red Panda vs Giant Panda

Giant pandas love to sleep and eat most of the day. They eat 44 pounds of bamboo a day. However, Red pandas spend some time sleeping and some time playing they also eat 20 to 30% of their body weight. Giant pandas have 42 teeth too. Even though they are both called pandas, they are not related. They are both endangered too also both hunted for fur.

Poor Pandas

A reason pandas are coming close to extinction is because people are cutting down tons of bamboo and making houses and huge pathways. Now pandas are running out of bamboo and they start to die off. Another reason for their risk of extinction is that people hunt them for fur.

People could help by donating money to the link below. It helps all animals and zookeepers.

Still not good

One thing you can't fix is their predators because it is part of the life cycle. Predators such as Clouded leopards, other reptiles, and small rodents. People might think how are these small animals their predators? Well, these small animals don't go for the big ones they go for the baby pandas The are little bandits. The cubs are prime targets for the small predators.

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