The country within two continents by Will Haddy

Basic Information

Capital- Moscow

Population- 142,423,773

Leader-Vladimir Putin

Government type- semi presidential federation

languages- Russian, English(primary languages)

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Russia's biggest form of entertainment is Soccer, Russians love soccer, that's why they have been so good at it in the the world cup. Russia also plays a variety of other sports like we do in the US. The sports include Baseball, softball, basketball, football(non soccer version), hand ball, and a lot more. Russian also listen to a variety of music. Most of there music is in Russian and most Russians find it very amusing. Russia's soccer team is the national Russian Football team, they wear Russian flag colors and competed in the the world cup. They did decent in the last summer in the world cup.

They also watch a lot of TV. There are children s shows and adult comedies all done in Russian. There are also american movies that are shown in Russian, that are voiced by certain Russian actors. Russia also puts on a lot of plays and shows like we do in america.

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Flag of Russia^


Russia's culture is very cool, especially with the saint basil cathedral castle, it has cool shapes on the rooftops. The holidays they celebrate in Russia are like our normal holidays. they have an orthodox Christmas, but it is actually on January 7th instead of December 25th. Another holiday is defenders of Fatherland day, it is a celebration of in 1919 the red army was founded. Another really cool one is woman's day, a whole day where everyone celebrates woman rights. What Russians eat is very tasty, The Russians are the countries that made the food porridge. They also eat fish and many meats like we do in america.

Russians also have many parties like we do in america. Vladimir Putin has many parties. They also host lots of parades. There is a color guard for protectors of fatherland day and there are many ceremonies and fireworks including many parades. There is history behind the saint basil cathedral. A terrible man ruled in it, and killed his wife and his son so he could continue ruling.

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Saint Basils Cathedral ^


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