The Eleventh Plague

fear the living and fight the unseeable

The Eleventh plague

"There" dad said, it looks like an american bomber. lets go check it out. Wow, I said, walking into the enormous plane that obviously was shot down during the war. We tried looking for any signs of life, but their was nobody, at least still living. so, dad and I started searching the plane crash for any supplies we could use. All we found was an old can of pears. I have never had pears before because of the lack of food at the survivor camps. "Yeah, but you know we cant go back, that place is contaminated" said dad. I know ,I said.

Stephen and his Dad

Stephen and his father are the main characters of this story.  Stephen is the most talkitive person in this liturature.  He and his father are trying to survive a post- apocolyptical world when they relize they arent the only people that are still fighting for survival or fighting other survivers.  His father on the other hand tries to teach his son stephen that other survivers are not to be trusted.  Stephen does'nt fully understand that until he comes across that problem.  Both Stephen and his dad will go though life changing fights and struggles on their journy to survive.