Facebook (Job Safety)

What Employers Don't Want To See

Watch Out

If you are not careful, anything you post on Facebook can be seen by your current employer or a prospective employer! Inappropriate things can cause employees to be fired or cost job seekers jobs. A lot of people do use Facebook, and a way to make sure that what you post online is seen only by who you want, is changed in your privacy settings on Facebook. Here are some of the things that do NOT look good to Employers:

  • Comments that could be racist or discriminatory
  • Photos of you that show you in a bad setting
  • Comments from your friends that seem rude or disrespectful
  • Remove any App advertisements that do not seem “good”
  • make sure there is nothing about drinking on your page
  • look to see if you’re in any group pages that are inappropriate

Why Not Use it in a Good Way, and Have Fun With it, Than Have it Possibly Ruin Your Life!

Employers are Smart!

Employers know that checking the employee’s Facebook page is a good idea, to make sure there aren't any “red flags.” Some think that the worst of the red flags employers look for are drugs, drinking, badmouthing former employers, and lying about someone’s qualifications. But they don’t just check for those kinds of things. Employers say it also tells them if the candidate will be good at the job or not.

Things YOU Can Do!

  • Check privacy settings
  • Check album privacy settings
  • Untag photos that do no look inviting, or "nice"
  • Think twice before posting
  • Simply do not add them as a friend if you don't know them