Dangers of Drugs

Drug: Ecstasy

Ecstasy: What is it?

Ecstasy is an illegal drug that is classified as a schedule 1 drug, meaning it is very dangerous and has no known medical use. If caught with it, you can spend 4 years to lifetime in prison and fines of $250,000 and $4 million dollars - depending on how much the carrier has. And because it is one of the most popular drugs among teens and young adults at parties and raves, ER incidents have raised above 1,200% and, if mixed with alcohol, can be very fatal.

Different types of Ecstasy

Along with the drug Ecstasy, it has multiple uses: drinking, swallowing, chewing, and snorting (Crushed pills).

Versions of Ecstasy and their descriptions

Additional Information

Miscellaneous Info

Some short term effects are nausea, confusion, and paranoia. Some long term effects of the drug are convulsions, kidney failure, and even death. And there are street names to try to lower the attention to what it is; some of these are Roll, X, Clarity, Scooby Snacks, and XTC.


All drugs, including medicinal marijuana, are dangerous. Medicinal marijuana is dangerous if you overdose. If you come to a situation where your friends do the drug, don't fall to peer pressure. All drugs are dangerous and you should NEVER use them or even hold them for a friend. You could become addicted and end up ruining your life - losing your girlfriend/boyfriend, your family, or could damage your body permanently. If you or a friend are addicted to a drug, seek medical attention immediately. If you come clean, you will have less a consequence than if you kept it secret and someone you know and love finds out. DO THE RIGHT THING!