Alexis powers 1st block english 3


"At the time of these events parris was in his middle forties." (pg 1258) Act 1 Parris is the person who wants too hold a self image to the town people but they dislike him. He is trying to move up in the town .

words and Action , Personality

Parris came to salem as a minister he came from barbados where he was a mer chant . He thinks about his self be fore others and thinks hes better and should have more than what he has. he dont make major decisioons on the other people in the townor when he speaks. " i have trouble enough without i come five mile to here him preach only hellfire and bloody domnation . Take it to heart ,mr. Parris there are many others who stay away from church these days because you hardly ever mentiion god any more." (pg .1274) act1

" we vote by name in this commienity ,not by acreage."( pg 1273)


PARRIS was a merchant for many years proor to going into the minisrty. Parris was a widiower and has a one daughter named betty. Let his orphand niece stay in his home . abbby 'I would never hurt betty. I love her dearly." pg 1262

Motivation - parris is motivated by keeping his name clear of any wrongdoings and maintaining his pposition as a minister. " now look you child ,your punishmentbwill come in its time but if you trafficked with spirits in the forest i must know it now ,for surely my ememies will ruin me with it ." (pg.1262)


parris has come to salem with his daught betty his salve tituba and orphaned niec abigail . betty is sick parris doesnt woorry about it being un natural causes . " no no there be no unnatural cause here .Tell him i have sent hale of berely ,and Mr. hale will surely confirm that . let him look to medicine and put out allthought of unnature causehere ther be done ' page 1262 middle .act 1


some of the conflicts rev.parris has is unfriendliness to the childern and demands more supplies and money. Rebecca nures remineds rev.parris that some of the congregation do not bring thier childern to sabbath service becasuse ther afe not welcomed . " I do not preach for childern , Rebecca ,its not the childern who are unmindful.of their obligation towards the minsisty. (pg 1274)


rev.parris does not change though out the acts he stays the same keeping his nose up and hands clean . " parris : " prasie God " pg 1354 on this act hes the same from the first trying to keep that preacher image .