Oh The Places You'll Go

October 2nd - 6th, 2017

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: D Day. Monster U. Day – Wear your favorite college gear.

Tuesday: A Day. Disney Duo Day – Find a partner and dress as a Disney Duo. (e.g. Mickey & Minnie). Grade Level PLC Meetings. Good News Club.

Wednesday: B Day. Early Dismissal/PD. Woody’s Round Up Wednesday – Wear Ranch or Western wear.

Thursday: C Day. The Colors of the Wind Day (Skittles Day) Wear your class color! (K-orange, 1-blue, 2-green, 3-yellow, 4-red, 5-purple). Administrative Council Mtg.

Friday: D Day. Ohana Day (Family) Wear Purple & White or Pink for the Pink Out football game.

Spotlight Classroom

Counselor's Corner



A behavior chart that can be used to keep students on task.:


Tracking behavior, charts, and desk or binder reminders are also available.

Counseling - Mindful mornings will officially start this week. I will come get the students for mindful mornings initially. Individual weekly counseling sessions are on Wednesdays. If a student in your class needs to be referred to Crider let me know, there is no waiting list but the parents must go to Crider in Union (transportation can be provided) to sign up.

RTI - I'm borrowing this quote from Pat Quinn as my theme for RtI this year:

"One of the goals of RTI is to create a system where students get the support that they need AND teachers get the support that THEY NEED."

I am working hard to get our Google RtI sheets updated with new teacher info. It sounds like grade level PLCs are going great. I hope to be in to visit each grade level soon. If RTI assistance is needed for individual students or teachers, please let me know so we can set up an individual meeting.

Mrs. Amy Flexsenhar

PLC Grade Level Meeting

Focus Topic: Bring your first set of student data to enter into your SLO tracker that supports your Professional Growth Plan.

  1. Complete your Accountability Tracker prior to the meeting starting
  2. Focus Topic- Student data
  3. Mini conferences over Growth Plans

Parent Teacher Conferences

Call or send a personal note to the parents that you need to see at conferences.

Have a plan for each student prior to the parents walking in the classroom. Teachers should use student's Data Binders to lead conversations of strength and areas of growth. Plan ahead!

Assessment Capable Learner

Check out this Dojo video clip to help your students with a growth mindset.


Rita Pierson- Win- Win Conversation

Published on Apr 17, 2012

When angers flair, a win-win situation becomes impossible. Here's an example of how teachers/administrators and students can have effective conversations even when the topic is difficult.