Tips For How To Change Careers



Tip Number One: Always have your functional resume with you when applying for a new job, it allows you to draw out your related skills and downplay your work history.

Tip Number Two: Prepare to talk about how you'll fill your gaps; no matter how much you know about the occupation when interviewing for a career change, you need to know how to show you'll be able to fill unavoidable gaps in your knowledge required for the field you're looking into.

Tip Number Three: When changing careers in the medical field, always demonstrate to your future employer all the skills that you have, never downplay what you can do.

Tip Number Four: In the medical field, especially for nurses, you need to show the employer, you understand the environment and that you are comfortable in it.

Tip Number Five: Show the employer how you're able to change, don't just express that you're adaptable, give them examples.

Tip Number Six: Do not dwell in the past. Make it seem that you are leaping into your new career, not being thrown out of the old one by mentioning what you didn't like about it.

Tip Number Seven: Make sure to network out into the field that you have chosen, keep your eyes open for an exquisite medical title that you are interested in.

Tip Number Eight: Act on facts, not assumptions, nothing could be worse than making a hot call to the candidate of your choosing on a non factual resource and be denied when they tell you they are not hiring.

Tip Number Nine: Build a strong support group of people who will support you during your career transition, and who will help you brainstorm possible ideas for where to take a career in.

Tip Number Ten: Even if the career of your choice has no opening in your area, be patient. Don't storm into a career that will make you unhappy.

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