Join Us at the NJ Makers Day Event

Saturday, March 19, 2016 at Millville Public Library

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Have You Participated In the Millville School District Technology Showcase? Then You Need to Read This!

What is the Goal of NJ Makers Day?

NJ Maker's Day Goal: "To enhance community engagement and develop connections among New Jersey residents by collaborating with multi-type libraries, museums, small businesses and others to promote and explore new opportunities for entrepreneurship, innovation and hands-on learning experiences."


Are You Interested in Participating?

Millville Public Library Director, Susan D'Ottavio, is looking for participants for Makers Day 2016 and is welcoming staff and their students from the Millville Public School District to sign up. All CTE department members and others, such as art department staff, are encouraged to contact Susan about participation. Are you a language teacher? Maybe your lessons included cultural art projects. Sharing what the older students make in high school classes with youngsters and others from the community can be rewarding and adding your students into the mix will provide Millville High School students with community connections, opportunities for speaking in front of others, and time to share what they have excelled in during their time in your classroom. Please consider joining the Millville Public Library on NJ Makers Day 2016.

Need more information? You can get all the facts about NJ Makers Day from their official site below and keep up with the latest at #njmakersday on Twitter.

New Jersey Makers Day

Saturday, March 19th, 9am

210 Buck Street

Millville, NJ

If you are interested in participating, please contact Susan D'Ottavio at 856-825-7087 or email her at

Other contacts are JoAnne Colacurcio, Meg Finney, and Kathy Galarza.

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