Damari Brown

By Will peacock

Track runner

He came off the track sweating in pain. He fell on the grass grabbing his knee. I think I twisted it, said Damari. I landed on it wrong on the hurdles in practice, I am going to the trainer for a brace get a golf cart my dad won't mind. “Then he arrived at the medical office, what's the matter said Doc Owens.” He said go wait in a room and I’ll be right there. So I heard that you twisted your knee. How do you know well your brother told me. Why does he always get in my business, because he cares about you. Tell tevin to go tell dad what happened and I will be up there in a bit. Now I'll head up to dad’s huge office PS my dad is the principal at East high high school.

Tuesday he arrived at school an hour early to get ready for the school day. The teacher would travel from class to class with the assignments. Then Damari would go to track practice but since he twisted his knee he helps his dad around like help plan school events or do his homework. He would help the coach fill up water bottles for practice. Coming of the start of the track/field season Damari still is in physical therapy but doc Owens says he will be able to play in one week. The first game is at east high against the hornets. They start of with the 100 meter dash east high taking the lead down the track by a short margin and gaining the east high wins the first event. For a score of 1-0. Next the 200 meter dash. And they're off the hornets take the lead by inches then the east high makes a faster pace for the hornets to try to take the lead. As they come to the finish line it is ruled as a tie. So the scoreboard goes up to 2-1 east high. The final race of the night is the 400 meter dash. The announcer shouts the starting gun and they're off. East high Is really good at the 400 meter dash. East high took the lead by a big margin. As the come to the end of of the race east high wins by ten feet. With the final score of the track session 3-1. To start the field succession they start with shot putt. And east high got 10 feet and the hornets only got 6 feet. For a score of 4-1. Round 2 and the hornets are up first. The hornets get 11 feet out now east high is up they throws it 15 feet with a score of 5-1. And the final round of shot put. East high will go second because they won the second round. The hornets threw thee and it went 13 feet and east high threw 12 feet so the hornets won but east high is still in the lead 5-2. Moving on to the long jump Then east high was up but jared the person who did the long jump got a cramp so the coach said Damari your up. Damari came on the track the stands cheered D A M A R I what does that spell Damari!!!! He took of then he jumped he got to the other side. The fans go wild!!! Now the hornets are up and they run and did not get a good jump as they landed in the sandy pit. Another point for east high that means the score is 6-2 east high lead. Now on to discus. East high goes first they wind up and the disc goes flying 793 feet. The hornets throw it goes 793 feet for the tie. And since there was a tie the losing team gets the point.