Keep The Earth Clean

By Logan Walters

Our Earth

Our earth has one sun and one moon that orbits the sun. We live in the milky way galaxy. The earth is 3,959 million years old. The four seasons on earth are caused by the rotation of our axis. The rotation is how long it takes for a complete rotation. The revolution is how long it takes to make a year. Our energy on earth come from the radiation that the sun produces. The earth is round because of the pull of gravity is so strong that it creates the center of the earth into a sphere. A light year on earth is the time it takes light to travel in a year. People believe that our earth was created when a cloud of gas was distributed and exploded and made a supernova. That was the start of time and space.
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What to Wear?

The average temperature on earth is around 61 degrees. So the most and best thing to wear could be a pear of jeans or shorts with a t shirt of button up. You would need to wear sunglasses because it is very sunny in some places. If you wanted to go to our many beaches you would need a bathing suit and sun block because of our intense sun.