Tech Tip Tuesday Edition 18

MSD 25 Instructional Technology Team

In this Tech Tip:

  • Digital Learning Day
  • MacBook Warranties Update
  • How to Upload Files to Google Drive
  • New Feature: Search Chips on Google Drive
  • Another Tech PD Opportunity (for Secondary Educators only)
  • New MSD 25 Student Tools Page
  • February PD Calendar
  • Past Tech Tips and Newsletters

Celebrate Digital Learning Day With Us Today, February 22nd!

Join the thousands of teachers and students around the globe celebrating the use of digital technology in education for Digital Learning Day on February 22nd. Get started with the four simple steps you see below!
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MacBook Air Warranties Expiring Next Month!

If anyone has been experiencing any hardware issues. Some issues might include charging/USB-C ports problems or keyboard issues where you are experiencing repeating or duplicate characters being typed, or any other quirky hardware issue.

If you are, please create a help desk ticket as soon as possible to have your device swapped out so it can submitted for warranty repair by the end of the month.

We also suggest taking some time to move your files from your computer to your Google Drive. Below you will find the link with directions from Google Support as well as a video that will help show you how to easily upload files and folders from your MacBook to your Google Drive.

Uploading files and folders to Google Drive

Speaking of Google Drive...

Google Drive just got a huge upgrade that will save you time when trying to find files!

  • Google Drive users now have the option to search for documents and files based on the files' location, type, the people with whom they’ve been shared, when the files were last modified and more.

  • Google itself recognized that searching for a few keywords the user believes might be relevant to a desired file or document can be too broad and leads to inefficient searching and inaccurate results.

  • This new search feature is dubbed "search chips," and it’s hoped that by offering an extra degree of filtering, finding files will become a lot easier.
Google Drive Search Chips

Tech PD Opportunity for Secondary Educators on Thursday, March 3rd from 3-5 PM

Secondary Educator Resource Workshop:

An interactive workshop to learn about digital resources and partnership opportunities available through Sno-Isle Libraries. Secondary educators who attend this program will discover how to:

Access and use relevant Sno-Isle Libraries digital and print resources to support secondary curriculum and enhance student learning.

Connect and partner with Sno-Isle Libraries to build a collaborative learning community and offer public library services to students.

Washington state clock hours are available for this class.

Registration is required to receive a reminder email with the Zoom link 24 hours before the event begins. If you register less than 24 hours before the event, your confirmation email will include the Zoom link.

Resources Just Added To The MSD Student Tools Page!

If you have not yet visited the Student Tools page hosted on the Technology Department Website, we encourage you to explore it yourself and with students. Just added: links to Destiny Library, Canva for Desktop Publishing and a Student Reporting Link as well as direction links for signing the AUP for device use.

View the Februrary PD Calendar!

The Staff Professional Development Course offerings will now be available on the MSD website for planning purposes. Click on the link to view the full calendar and sign up for courses.

PD Calendar

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