Civano Community School

April 28, 2020

It's A Special Time to Celebrate Our Staff!

Please help us celebrate Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week May 4th-8th!

Although we have been away from school for a few weeks, we still want to show our teachers how much we appreciate all their hard work during the school year and during this distance learning adventure we’ve all been on.

Thanks to all of your generous donations during the year, the Civano Parents Association will be offering a number of small tokens of our appreciation to teachers and staff members throughout the week. Thank you again for all your help with fundraising.

It would also be wonderful if you would also consider doing something personal to show your appreciation for teachers, assistant teachers, and staff members. Since students won’t be able to bring things to the teachers during class time, we will be collecting cards, drawings, gift cards and any other non-perishable gifts in the office. They can be dropped off Thursday, May 7, between 9 a.m. and noon. (If you would like to bring something in but find that time unworkable, please email

Thank you!!

Looking Ahead....

As this year comes to a strange end, we are looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year!

In the week ahead we will have more information to share about the end of this school year -- yearbook pick up, memory book pick up, final classroom clean outs, movie night, and more.

We have news to share as well -- Ms. Joy will be leaving Civano at the end of this year. We know that she did not expect her final days at Civano to be like this. I hope you will reach out to her and share your good memories and wishes for her on her journey to new opportunities.

During our extended break, a team of teachers interviewed a number of candidates for our special Middlers' classroom. It was not an easy process! Pending Governing Board approval, we look forward to welcoming Ms. Linda Feltheim as our Middler's teacher in July! Linda has been involved with Civano for many years as a parent and volunteer and she is over the moon to step into this position next year!

Thank you so much to our parents who attended our parent meetings on April 16 and 17! Your smiles and good energy, your participation, your ideas, and your time was truly appreciated! Please know that if you need support or ideas for school while your children are at home, your parent peers have helpful ideas and funny stories to share. Our teachers are also available via phone and email to answer questions and support you.

We miss you all and we look forward to being in school together again.

Take care,


Zoom Meeting Links

We are resharing this so you will take a look and move toward using Schoology. Schoology is a dynamic platform for teachers to share assignments, news, and resources for students in their classes. It's also a simple platform for parents to see all of their student's classes in one online space.

Links for Zoom meetings for this year are posted on our Schoology page. After considering a few ways to manage this information, we believe it is best to consolidate it on Schoology for a number of reasons: 1) Schoology is secure for our students and families. A password and login is required to access information. This will help to keep our Zoom meetings safe; 2) As a parent, you can access all of your child's teacher's pages (and resources) in one location, rather than sifting through numerous emails; 3) This streamlines the K12 process for sharing information.

There is a learning curve -- for staff and families -- and this is a good time to work into using it.

If you already have a parent PowerSchool account, you can link to Schoology through that. If you do not, please reach out to Jennifer Porter (our Site Technology Coordinator) or to Nicole Collins (our office speciailist) for assistance.

Our Site Technology Coordinator Jennifer Porter is available via email if you need support accessing Schoology as a parent. We will soon have a link on our website to walk you though the steps for connecting on Schoology. They will mirror the information below. Please note, Parent access and Student access are two different portals.

How to Create a Parent Schoology Account

Click Here for Student Login

Click Here for Parent Login

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