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November 1, 2019

Words of Inspiration

“Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

-John D. Rockefeller

A Special Applause to...

Engaging with our parents is such a powerful way to deepen the relationships you spend so much time building with students. This takes time. Thank you for spending time preparing for conferences and meeting with parents. I hope the insights you gain will be used in your classroom to make a difference with students.

PD on the Fly...

This article provides practical tips to a topic we have been working on in Sycamore, Culturally Responsive Practices. The first line of the article sets the tone with the big idea for working with students, "Motivating students isn’t about convincing them to see things as you see them or forcing them to be excited about something they aren’t excited about. It’s about putting the students first—identifying their likes, dislikes, interests, or desired outcomes to see if you can incorporate any of those into lessons in a way that gets students to engage with the content."

Another strategy from this article connects to our focus for this year. The author states, "Make sure that you provide them with a measurable goal for the things you have them do in your class"

In the end, the author gives a template for how to move forward, "You can motivate your students every day with your excitement in what you teach, with your smiles, and with your care for them, but that isn’t always enough because motivating your students isn’t about you, it’s about them. Empower them—put them first in your planning and watch as they begin to motivate themselves." Enjoy!

Information for the Staff

Flex Time Expectations

Over the past several weeks we have been meeting with math and language arts teachers around MAP data. For Flex Time, we are still going to work under the Flex Time Expectations that were created a couple of years ago. I want to provide some clarity about how this should work. This class time should be a no new instruction bell. Teachers need to examine data and pull students from across the team into one class based on analysis of this data, ensuring to prioritize language arts and math first. This should be a time to provide targeted focused intervention and enrichment for students based on data you have collected. We will no longer split students by the bell they are scheduled in. You should be teaching a skill to students or providing an enriching experience. Teachers should not be sitting at their desk while students work on IXL.

This is a process that I will be monitoring moving forward. Each core teacher will need to complete this Flex Time Plan and return it to me. Please return it by the end of the day next Friday, November 8.

Sample PGP

HERE is a sample Professional Growth Plan (thank you Ms. Sutton). Some of the PGP's look SLOish. When you write your professional goal, it should be about the work you are going to do. The action plans should define the creation of this process and the evidence should reflect those action steps. The goal should not be measured by student achievement. In the end, do your best and we will work with you during the evaluation process.

Dealing with Students who are Tardy to School

Recently, the district moved toward an automated system to notify parents when their child is absent. I am writing to ask you to make sure your attendance is accurate. If a student is not in your room at 8:15, they need to come to the office to get a pass. If they are, you need to make sure they are marked present.

School Climate Survey

Please take a minute and complete this School Climate Survey.

For the Week of November 4, 2019

November 6 - November 22 - Canned Food Drive

Thursday, November 7 - CogAT Testing -8:30 - 10:45 am. All 6th grade students; 5th grade by parent request only.

Saturday, November 9 - Miami University Math and Science Conference from 9:00-11:30 am in the Media Center (students can get permission slip in the Activities Bin the Office)

Friday, November 15 - Interim Reports Distributed

Are you an early planner? Here is the building calendar. You can view events more than a week at a time.

Announce to Students

Monday, November 4 - C Day
  • Greene Machine - 3:00

Tuesday, November 5 - D Day

  • Canned Food Drive starts tomorrow
  • Greene Lightning Girls Running Club - 3:00
  • Art Club - 3:00
  • Chess Club - 3:00
  • STRIVE to Blue Ash Nursing Home 2:45 - 4:15

Wednesday, November 6 A Day

Thursday, November 7 - B Day

  • Bowling Club - 3:00
  • Greene Machine - 3:00

Friday, November 8 - C Day

Happy Birthday!

Matt McCalla - November 6

Tricia Constable - November 8

Nick Niehaus - November 9

Shelby LaBarbara - November 9

Sarah Clark - November 9

Deanna McKeown - November 10