On Your Retirement


Although I am extremely excited and happy for you on your retirement, I cannot help but feel a hint of sadness for those of us you will be leaving behind. I stand by every word I spoke at your retirement get-together yesterday after school. You have touched so many lives in your tenure as a teacher, especially here in Lopatcong. It is especially evident on the faces of your closest friends here as they prepare for your absence.

Personally, I cannot fathom what you are feeling right now. It has to be a combination of true exaltation and reservation. You are walking away from such an important part of who you are, a teacher. There is no greater or nobler profession. The lives that you have touched are countless and infinite. You must be proud of all you have accomplished. I hope you look back on your profession and have nothing but fond memories.

In closing, I want to thank-you for all you have done to support me in my 5 years here. As only the second principal in this building, it has always been a challenge. The world of education and Lopatcong in general changed drastically in numerous ways since I was appointed. You made the transition and my learning possible. I will miss your honesty, your concern for the staff and your "shoot from the hip" approach to conversations with me. One thing I will remember most about you is how highly regarded you were (are) in the eyes of your colleagues and that had a direct correlation to me as well. You always were the voice of reason through change and you never said "this will never work." You offered suggestion but mostly you were always willing to try something new. That is a true sign of wonderful educator.

Thank you, again, for your service to our school. We will miss you. Do not be a stranger and come visit us. I will have a spot for you on the sub list next February!