Trinity Lutheran Church & Academy

February 21 - 27, 2021

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This week's blog by Pastor Clark is "The Struggle". Please click the link below to read it.

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Work Day scheduled for Saturday, March 20th

Work scheduled includes washing windows, waxing pews and other wooden furniture in church, checking & replacing lights, trimming/pruning shrubs and trees, distribution of mulch along walkway to doctor buildings and in front shrubbery, edging along parking lot and other tasks, to be determined. Rain date will be March 27th

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I'm pleased to report that, financially, we started the year with a very good January. Church giving, while under plan, was over $40,000 for the month due to some one time gifts that Kathy had been told to expect. Not counting these gifts, what I'll call on-going donations, were approximately $20,000. This was down about $3,000 from December, but that is not uncommon. TLA income was 105% of planned levels and up about $6,000 higher than December. Enrollment is growing faster than the reduced level than we had anticipated when we did the plan. They are continuing to receive inquiries, give tours and are adding a few additional students.

On the spending side of the equation, all committees continue to hold the line on there spending. The one exception was in the area of church maintenance where they had to spend about 21% of their annual budget to have a gas line leak repaired.

All of this resulted in a bottom line being a positive $32,000 for the month. Remember that we need to be positive most months to make up for the 3 pay period months and, this year, to cover the budgeted deficit.

On a related note, the first PPP loan is still in the review process for forgiveness. This could take some time. The second PPP application is in the review process for granting to us. We are hopeful that this goes faster.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Bill Rakosnik, Treasurer

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Please notice the camera, tripod, and background set up in the gathering room as a reminder that in a couple of weeks we will ask you to have a picture taken for the directory before or after the service you attend.

The National LWML has reached the 2019-2021 Mission Goal of $2.1 Million. That means that all of you from Trinity have contributed to that goal. Congratulations. 34 grants have been selected for the 2021 Convention to be voted on at the National Convention in June at Lexington Kentucky. Please keep praying for grants.

Please continue to give because it can be used for the Florida Georgia projects. It will also increase their ability to give more in the next two years. We thank God for the LWML and the work of all the women in the church as they continue to serve God.

Pastor Stan

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01 - Don Schneider

02 - Ruthann Rodekohr

02 - Oliver Shuman

03 - Jacob Davidson

05 - Jim Wolf

05 - John Jackson

07 - Anthony Thornton

09 - Alexia Kubiak

09 - Charlie Schmidt

11 - Michael Hammons

14 - Carsten Stansell

15 - Mandy Dixon

17 - Pam Spaulding

18 - Tom Walker

19 - David Bacastow

20 - Sue Baughman

20 - Libby Garrett

23 - Leah Guven

26 - Virginia Reece

26 - Tony Smith

26 - Grace Manske

28 - Rebecca Kickbush

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This section is for prayer requests and prayers of Thanksgiving. If you have a request or a praise report please contact the church office at or call 706-546-1280 ext. 1.

Saundra Hammons, healing

Melissa Fowler, healing from surgery

Amy Dawn Husfeld-Usalavage, Glenn and Jane Husfeld's daughter, healing from the return of Stage 4 cancer. Also pray for her children, Peyton, Hank, and Abby, for God's loving hand on them through this time

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