Technology in Sports

Soccer balls throughout the years

By: Ana

Early days

First soccer balls

According to historical references and legends the first ever type of balls used were human heads and animal skulls, stitched up in cloth . So if that were true I dont think playing soccer would be very pleasant. Lots of people would be coming home with broken feet.

Next step in progression of soccer balls

After the skulls, in Medieval times people would take pig bladders from their livestock and inflate them. But depending on the size and shape of the pig's bladder the ball might be very unpredictable. That's how the inside of a ball was named. Soon after that they used leather and pigs skin to cover the ball to give it a better shape.


Some of the negatives of the balls used in the Olden days is that the ball wasn't round making the direction of the ball and the game very unpredictable. Also I think that when it rained or the ground was wet, the ball would absorb the water making it heavier and harder to control.

Safety, durability, weight, efficiency and features of first soccer balls

Safety would be fine if they played with the pig bladder balls. But if they were playing with the skulls it wouldnt be very safe because kicking a skull could break some bones.

The durability of the bladder probably wouldnt very long since kicking it may pop it after a while.

The weight of the pig bladder ball covered in skin would be very light but kicking a skull would be very heavy.

Modern days / Today

The 2000's

Currently soccer balls are very round and are efficiently used. It is a lot more accurate than it was in the olden days. Today, soccer balls are made out of synthetic leather with an elastic bladder. They come in many different sizes and types.

The benefits

The good things about the soccer balls used today are that they are round making them roll accurately and predictably. They are nice and soft but still bouncy making it a good ball to play soccer with. They come in different sizes to match the suitability of the game, such as futsal balls, the really small ones and normal sized soccer balls.

Safety, durability, weight and features of today's soccer balls

The safety of current soccer balls is really good because if you get hit by one it doesn't hurt and you dont break a foot by kicking the ball.

Durability is long lasting and they are also waterproof incase it rains during games.

The soccer balls have pentagon shapes on them and have the logo of the company and a design printed on it.

I couldn't find any data on how much faster, higher and easier people can perform.

Timeline of soccer balls

Technological improvements

Things that have led to the improvements

Things that have led to the improvements of soccer include things like people inventing new and faster types of camera's that give live feed of all angles on the soccer field, making it easier for referee's to accurately referee the game. That has really impacted soccer because with those camera's the referee's were really able to accurately judge the foul and give appropriate judging. Other things are that people found out new ways to make soccer balls better, by using light materials and making the ball nice and round. With the invention of a round ball with an elastic bladder for a better shape, that has really impacted the game. Soccer players can accurately judge where the ball can go, That also makes the game more fair. Another thing that has improved in soccer is the boots. They are now really light and shaped really well so that kicking is very accurate.


Things that have stayed the same are the things like that the ball still has a bladder and an outside cover. Also in soccer we still use team shirts and pants with studded boots. But mostly everything has stayed the same, the only difference is that now things are more improved than they used to be.