Mrs. Kravitz's Services at Darko

This is the current iteration of my job.

Work with staff on progress monitoring

Montessori Compass: Provide tech guidelines and set up of student lessons.

Class Dojo: Mrs. Kravitz will start with 1 or 2 staff members who are ready to make use of Class Dojo to support student self regulation and social skills.

Design Project Based Learning for Student Needs- Student Lead Learners are:

  1. Darko Newsletter: Elisheva
  2. Minecraft EDU: Elimelech
  3. School Store: Chanchy
  4. Pooch Hotel: Sarah Raizel
  5. Junior Davening group: TBA
  6. Additional projects will be announced as students express an interest

New Hours and Additional Duties:

Monday-Thursday 10 am-3 pm

  • Visit other schools for observation and ideas for Darko.
  • Help gather data and implement Behavior Problem Solving with specific high need students
  • Obtain tech support for Montessori Compass so that we can make use of it
  • Design rubrics and WebQuests for PBL
  • Set up student accounts and teach students how to use them