All About Ernest Hemingway

By: Chelsie

Ernest Hemingway is seen as one of the greatest American 20th century novelists. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. He also won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He wrote 6 short stories, 7 novels, and 2 non-fiction books. He did write an additional 4 short stories, but they were not published until after his death. Hemingway's novel Across the River and Into the Trees is published and it is the most poorly reviewed novel of his career. His best selling and most popular book is The Old Man and the Sea.
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Hemingway survied 2 airplane crashes. His mother dressed him as a girl and kept his hair long until he was about 6 years old. In high school, he was a great student who boxed, played football, and wrote for the school news paper. He had 4 wives in his lifetime and had a total of 3 children. His 4th wife miscarries due to an ectopic pregnancy, so they have no children. Him and one of his wives, Pauline, went on a ten week safari in Kenya. He served in both World Wars and was awarded a Bronze Star for his bravery under-fire in World War ll.
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When Hemingway leaves his home in Cuba, the Cuban government takes possession of it and later turn it into a Hemingway museum. As he suffers from depression and alcoholism, Hemingay commits suicide with a shotgun at his home in Ketchum, Idaho.
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