Pepsi commercial


our opinions...

It involves Michael Jackson (famous person) in the commercial. These are our opinions if the commercial convents us to buy Pepsi. Katty-"convinced me to dance but not buy it". Szare-"I really like like the commercial but it did not convince me to drink Pepsi". Emily-"it t wasn't very convincing all I saw was kind of a Pepsi party". Isabella-"I thought that it was not at all convenseing,but I liked the part where that all sang a song about Pepsi #want to dance".

What's it about...

Kids dancing to Michel Jackson song then the real Michel Jackson came out of a limo and started dancing with them,in the middle of the streets. One boy also was drinking Pepsi with him.


The effects on the audience...

we think that America would not be convened to drink Pepsi,but instead want to laugh and dace to the music. Why is because a lot of people in America like Michel Jackson. The video was our prof that a lot of people like Michel Jackson across America. We think that America would only dance and sing along!

And that concludes our presentation thank you all😋