Tiger Family Newsletter Feb 8-14

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

I love the picture above so much! Maggie's hands are forming the shape of a heart and in the center, a four-leaf clover: love and luck! What else could we need?

This year, I've been reading Hoda Kotb's book, This Just Speaks to Me: Words to Live By Every Day. It's a daily quote with expanded thoughts from the author. One day this week, the quote was "Disconnect with technology and reconnect with each other." In the thoughts that followed the quote, Hoda wrote that Al Roker, the show's weatherman, said that he locks up his 17-year-old's phone at night. The youth development expert on the show that day was a huge supporter of this act. She said, "It's really healthy for kids to have a break from the potential 24/7 of social interactions." She went on to explain that kids need good sleep (about 10-12 hours per night for children seven to 12 years old) without the interruptions of notifications. Pinging or flashing notifications on the phone can disrupt sleep even if one doesn't wake enough to act on the notice.

I have noticed how many of our students complain of being tired at school. You may think they are getting plenty of sleep, but what if we could do more to make sure they are better rested?

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

Pictured: Margaret Trujillo, 3rd Grade

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It's that time again...every year each of our district schools releases surveys to our parents, our students, and our staff. We don't know if we are meeting the needs of your family if we don't hear from you. What are we getting right and what needs to change? Let us know by completing this brief survey. FYI- in years past, we typically only receive less than 20 surveys back (and we have about 400 students). Last year we broke a record with 47. I would love to get back over 100 this year.

Survey Link for Parents

As a reminder, if you would like to take the survey to give input on our next Superintendent, please follow this link to do so.