Hatred and Bigotry


Hatred and Bigotry is a major them in the Diary of Anne Frank

Tough situations , stress , personal and family problems all of them may account for hatred and bigotry. We can sit down with someone and talk to them about our problems , pray to god , find ways to solve your hatred and bigotry problem. Goodness overcomes Hatred in the Diary of Anne Frank.

*Anne's dad- shows goodness and exemplify virtue by being the leader when they were in hiding and showing and telling everyone right from wrong.

*Anne's mom- shows goodness and exemplify virtue by being unselfish and making sure everyone is good before herself and helps them before herself.

*Margot- shows goodness and exemplify virtue by being humbled, respectful, classy, and showing self control and does not make herself look bad.

*Peter Van Daan- shows goodness and exemplify virtue by being humbled and showed self control when Anne was getting under his skin, and not following his dads bad ways and showing more maturity then his father.

*It is better to be good than evil, if you are mean and only care about your self then people will do the same thing to you. She decided to be good instead of evil.

-Who was he? Bert Bochove was working in Finland as a mill manager. At first he joined his two older brothers in running the family retail buissness in their native town, Woubrugge. He borrowed money to buy a drugstore in Huizen, a fishing town of 10 thousand on the Zuilder Zee. The drugstore was on the ground floor of a fine corner building, with spacious living quarters above.

-What did he do? He sold soap for the normal price and in those times it was unbelieable. Having that soap in his new store was a tremendous advertisement. He took the good false papers and took them out of Japp's wife's hand and took them to Huizen with him and they stayed in his house for a couple of months. Slowly he found bad things out about the good false papers and then put them out of his house. He had a room for Ans who got in trouble with the Germans, He had more jewish people who were living in the attic. He took things easy and let the consequences come later, he said it was good that his family had the place too, because it saved his and his family life.

-Why do we remember him?- because Bert Bochove was very caring and polite and he showed alot of love towards the many people asking alot from him. He took things easy and was not worrying about the consequences. He built things held things for the benefit of others and he made sure everyone was alright before himself, he let about 10-12 people into his home for the safety of him and them.

How is the theme relevant to my life

I showed hatred and bigotry to this one boy in 5th grade every day we would go back and forth calling each other names and one day we actually fought and got ourselves in trouble its like i had a intense hate for him it was very bad. The school made us sit down and explain why we hate each other and we could not find ways on why we hate each other and so we were judging each other by our looks the way e walk, talk and other things without finding more about each other